Massage has been used since the beginning of humanity both in the West and in the East by all people to relieve physical pain and discomfort and to provide more health and well-being. Massage can be used to recover from physical problems as it activates circulation and drains the tissues of substances that accumulate in them thus creating a greater capacity for recovery of the body or the affected area, as it can be used for relaxation providing well-being of the person. All of this translates into rejuvenation, revitalization, better nights sleep, greater joy and greater well-being which is beneficial at all levels.


By massaging the body with aromatic oils we can effectively combine the therapeutic properties of the essences and the beneficial effects of the massage itself. The main objective of this technique is to direct the essences to the areas of the body where they are most needed since it stimulates blood and lymph flow, proves to be particularly effective in relieving muscle tension and releasing toxins.


An exotic temptation for your skin and senses

There is no one who is not attracted by the wonderful smell and divine taste of the interior of a cocoa bean, and thus the botanical term is divine: "Potion of the Gods".

Chocolate has harmonizing effects on your senses and makes you forget all the worries of everyday life.

By taking advantage of this treatment your whole body will become your best part. The stimulating balance of cocoa ingredients is transferred to the skin's sensory organs.


Appropriate aesthetic facial treatments can prevent premature aging of the skin, wrinkles and sagging, obtaining radiant, healthy and youthful skin.


A treatment that stimulates increased blood flow in the tissues, contributes to the elimination of toxins, facilitates the recovery process and allows athletes to perform more efficiently and safely.


A massage applied to a specific area concentrating all the benefits of this treatment in those areas, helping to relieve tension and relieve muscles. Ideal for those who require special attention on the back and legs.


Throughout the ages, stones have had a connotation of objects of worship. Man has always associated stones with a mystical power, due to their geomagnetic properties. Sleeping on the ground for millennia, the stones developed electromagnetic fields, positive and negative. Shamans, healers and medicine men use and take advantage of the natural geophysical effects of stones, together with the effects of heat, to influence the body's meridians.

By applying Indian wisdom you can enjoy:
Relaxation, Well-Being and Tranquility
Improving blood circulation
Energetic stimulation at vital points
Activation of lymphatic flow
Strengthens Yin
Reduces Yang
Relieving tension in surface tissues and meridians
Stimulates mobility through heat.


Using the benefits of essential oils in a specific area, helping to reduce tensions, causing muscle relaxation and providing physical and psychological well-being.


Lymphatic drainage is a manual massage technique (MLD) that aims to stimulate the lymphatic system to eliminate excess fluids from the body. Supported by scientific evidence, DLM is recognized and indicated to assist in various aesthetic treatments, in addition to promoting relaxation and well-being.